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"The walls of people hardly affected me. You closed your mind to such things." - Walter Röhrl on the madness of Rally Portugal

The dichotomous mind of the driver.

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Trees by (David Thyberg)

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Loft with a cozy living area

There would just be no need for me to leave. It’s beautiful, It’s perfect. 

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Erick McGartland, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2016
Adv. Design B: “Imagining Chicago” - Summer 2014, Professor Martin Gundersen
Conceptual section analysis of a tower in Chicago

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Captured three days ago, this photo shows the view from Buck Hollow Overlook at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Located just 75 miles from Washington, D.C., Shenandoah offers an escape to nature with its cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas and quiet wooden hollows. You can take a hike, meander along the scenic Skyline Drive or have an afternoon picnic, and as the leaves begin to take on the colors of fall, it’s the perfect time to visit! http://on.doi.gov/1uyHPT6


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