The mountains call. In every season. In every way. Heed the urge to take to the great outdoors and show us how you #GetOutThere.

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River Structures Paul Hirzel

  • River House I ‘The Bridge’ with 2,310sqf conditioned space is the living-guest quarters and it sets approx. 12 feet above grade. A 15-foot deep steel Howe truss system spans 80 feet at the center span with 32/16 foot balancing cantilevers at each end. The steel bridge truss supports a wood lattice that shades conditioned space below.
  • River House II ‘The Lookout’ with 1,139sqf conditioned space is a multiuse space 1000 feet up river from the main structure. It is constructed with an inverted steel truss exoskeleton which cantilevers 40 feet over the river to view a rare Steelhead spawning pool below. 

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Scout came filming today, had to let her get in on some shots. #k9shred #iamspecialized @srammtb @chromagbikes #footoutflatout #specializedapparel

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Louvre Museum. The Grande Galerie abandoned during World War II - The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel

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